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Pregnancy Massage


Both initial and follow-up Pregnancy Massage sessions are each 60 minutes long.

All pregnancy massages have a strong emphasis on relaxation while addressing muscular tension, supporting the physical changes within the body due to pregnancy. Benefits include enhanced sleep quality, reduced stress and cortisol levels, relief from muscle pain, cramps, and discomfort, as well as decreased swelling and edema.

Pregnancy massage is a safe and effective treatment for mothers from conception through to birth. During the first trimester, massages can be done while lying flat on the table. As the pregnancy progresses beyond the first trimester, treatment is most effective and comfortable in a side-lying position supported by comfortable pillows.


Myotherapy for Mindful Movement in Pregnancy


This session focuses on the following key areas: Upper Body Mobility, Core Strength, Pelvic Stability, Pelvic Floor Function, and Movement Patterns.

By integrating these pillars into your pregnancy routine, you can:

  • Enhance birthing efficiency
  • Reduce pregnancy discomfort
  • Improve recovery
  • Decrease abdominal separation and pelvic floor issues
  • Enhance pelvic floor function
  • Work more efficiently with less effort


Who are these sessions for?

  • If you are pregnant and want to prepare your body for childbirth.
  • If you faced a challenging birth experiences in the past, and wish to take a more proactive approach by seeking additional support for your pregnancy and upcoming birth.
  • If you are aiming for a VBAC.
  • If you are pregnant and concerned about your core strength, diastasis recti, pelvic floor function, or other body-related concerns.
  • Anybody who is pregnant and looking for a more holistic way to remain strong, functional, and resilient through the entire journey.
  • Those who value function over fitness.

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