I work with women t achieve a healthy pregnancy, birth and thrive through postpartum and beyond



Hey there! I’m Ebony.

I am a mama of two and since the birth of my first baby boy 5 years ago I struggled with the adjustment into the postpartum phase. I had no point of reference as to whether what I was experiencing was ‘normal’. I thought it must have been my fault that I wasn’t doing motherhood "right". I thought maybe there was something wrong with me.

Why wasn’t I enjoying it as much as everyone else seemed to be? Why couldn’t I rest? Why did everything feel so hard? Why was I so driven by unrealistic expectations & perfectionism then frustrated at my perceived failings?

On my journey to understand this identity shift I have come to understand that we as women and newborn mothers need to navigate the world with the support and guidance of a modern-day village. Someone to teach us that we are being reborn alongside our babies. 

Since then I rediscovered who I am, who I was meant to be. I have discovered that we need to lean on our village for support and guidance in this time of Matrescence.

From this, Untangled Living was born - A place for you to explore your own transformation.


Online & in-person mentoring, preparation and support for pregnancy, postpartum and the first year of Motherhood, with Ebony.

Postpartum Planning Guide
Massage & Myotherapy
Postpartum Support Program

You don't have to navigate motherhood alone!