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What is Perinatal Myotherapy?


Myotherapy can help with a range of pregnancy & postpartum concerns and is a safe and gentle treatment. Utilising evidence-based care and education around common perinatal-related musculoskeletal issues. Myotherapy is a holistic method of physical therapy by using hands-on treatment, exercise prescription and education. 

I aim to provide high-quality mother-centered myotherapy and support from pregnancy, through to postpartum and into motherhood (the perinatal period). With specialised training and extensive experience, I am qualified to practice within the scope of pregnancy and postpartum.

Perinatal Myotherapy provides an important link between antenatal care providers, by identifying potential issues between check-ups while empowering women through each stage of the pregnancy and postpartum, allowing for continuity of care.

I have a passion for passing on knowledge and building a compassionate community with an awareness of the fundamental necessity that mothers need care too.

How can Perinatal Myotherapy help you?

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a safe and effective treatment from conception through to your birth. First-trimester massage can be provided lying flat on the table, however depending on the comfort of the mother and as pregnancy progresses, treatment is provided side-lying with the support of comfortable pillows for the most effective and comfortable treatment.

All pregnancy massages have a strong emphasis on relaxation while addressing muscular tension, supporting the physical changes within the body due to pregnancy, by reducing swelling, calming anxiety, and improving sleep, whilst preparing the mother for labour.

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Birth Preparation

The goal is to help you to enter childbirth with good health, body awareness, and a strong connection to your baby. Supporting you to prepare for childbirth in a relaxed state helps reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence. This moderates the perception of pain during childbirth, and can reduce the length of labour, leading to a reduced need for medical intervention. 

I can teach you exercises to help your body adapt to the physical changes that occur during pregnancy, which are useful as preparation for childbirth. The regular practice of exercises and stretches relieves body discomfort while promoting body awareness.

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Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is a therapeutic approach to relieve areas of tension immediately following birth to 3 months and beyond. This treatment is more of a corrective and clinical style of treatment designed to target specific concerns incorporating various massage techniques to support recovery from birth and adjust to a new set of physical demands. 

Major changes occur within the body during pregnancy and post-birth. Postpartum treatment can assist in recovery, reduce general feelings of exhaustion, alleviate joint strain, rebalance postural changes and improve abdominal muscle tone and overstretched skin.

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In-home treatment for new mothers 

4 in-depth consults and treatments in the comfort of your own home post-birth to support healing and recovery.


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Not Pregnant or Postpartum?  

That's fine. I provide regular Myotherapy treatments too!

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