Doula Services


I have created a range of offerings to help you prepare for and navigate through your motherhood journey.

Postpartum Planning 


I support mothers to prepare for the fourth trimester with postpartum planning sessions.

In our session together we’ll talk about how you want your postpartum period to feel, allow you to map out what you need, identify available support, and determine any obstacles in your way to help to make your fourth trimester a truly special and supported time.

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Postpartum Support


I guide mothers through the first 40 days after childbirth and help them to navigate the huge physical and emotional changes that occur as they transition into motherhood. I’ll provide a listening ear, my reassurance when needed, practical and compassionate guidance as well as emotional support.

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Tess B

"Ebony will tell you what you need to hear when you need to hear it, with compassion and wisdom. Ebony supported me through my pregnancy and postpartum life by listening carefully and giving me advice, resources and tools suited to my circumstances. 
Thanks to Ebony I felt extremely confident and relaxed about my delivery and I was very well prepared for my return from the hospital. Of course, there were huge challenges - my baby has severe reflux and all the allergies. I have an overactive letdown and an oversupply of milk (not as fun as you might think!). However, I got enough sleep to stay happy and I’ve had a deep sense of joy and security in navigating my journey to becoming a mother.
The bottom line is Ebony showed me how to insist on my own well-being and that has been the best thing possible for my baby and me.  If I’m having a tough night I always just imagine Ebony by my side helping me to look after myself!"

You don't have to navigate motherhood alone!